Bespoke designer garments made for tall women

Welcome to Long Ladies

Long Ladies is a new British company where you can find bespoke designer garments manufactured in the UK and especially made for tall ladies.

As you know, no one is ever a standard size or height. A great garment might fit you perfectly on the waist, bust and hips but be just too short for you in the arm and to the hem. Don’t you find it frustrating to have to put a garment you love back on the rail because it’s just too short everywhere!

At Longladies we can help you!

All our garments are cut to a Long Ladies standard hem length for each style, However, as part of our bespoke service for taller ladies, you may change the hem and arm lengths to suit both your style and your lovely tall frame. We can also make larger or smaller sizes just for you.

Browse our new collection here or find out more about Laraine our founding long lady!


Please note that Longladies is currently not accepting any new orders until further notice. Apologies for any inconvenience, come back soon!